To do well at school, every student needs a professional librarian who provides...Captured here is a broad variety of resources to support your advocacy efforts. You might want to start with a wiki shared by Sara Kelly Johns which compiles additional resources by categories: Frugal School Librarian

5 Ways to Advocate for Your School Library

A full-time school librarian makes a critical difference in boosting student achievement (SLJ)

AASL Advocacy brochures: for administrators, teachers, parents, and policymakers (can also be ordered in packs of 25)

AASL Advocacy Toolkits

AASL Position Statements

AASL School Libraries Count! 2011 Full Report (see Staff Activities section)

The Advocacy Pyramid – How We Wish It Looked by Dorcas Hand (infographic)

Advocate This, Not That!

Advocating for School Libraries (Scoop.It compilation by Becky Palagi, NC school library media coordinator)

ALA: ESSA Library Opportunities
This 2016 document highlights library-related provisions in P.L. 114-95, the Every Student Succeeds
Act (ESSA) and provides an overview of initial next steps to help maximize opportunities for
effective school library programming under the new law.

Braxton, Barbara. Peeing on the Job
(Strategies for reaching out to and sharing with parents, peers, principals, teachers, pre-service teachers, and politicians to build support for the school library program).

Church, Audrey. Ten Things Your Administrator Needs to Know as the School Year Begins.

Everhart, Nancy. 100 Things Kids Will Miss If they don’t have a School Librarian in their School

Harvey, Carl. Being Tactical With Advocacy.

Frugal School Librarian: Advocacy (wiki)

Full-Time School Librarians Boost Student Test Scores in Reading, Writing (SLJ)

Hand, Dorcas. TASL Talks: Legislative and Advocacy for You

Harvey, Carl. Being Tactful with Advocacy

Hincks, Kelly. 5 Ways to Advocate Without Being In Your Face

Infograpic: Monthly Library Report (Fran Bullington)

Jaeger, Paige. Your Hidden Asset (addressed to administrators)

Johnson, Doug. Demonstrating Our Impact 1

Johnson, Doug. Demonstrating Our Impact 2

Johnson, Doug. No principal Left Behind

Kachel, Debra. E. Research That Resonates: Influencing Stakeholders.

Knight, Andrea. Library Happenings Newsletter (Glenview School Library SC)

LaGarde, Jennifer. An Open Letter to Principals (Before You Hire a New Principal)

LaGarde, Jennifer. Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth In Tough Times (includes video)

Lance, Keith Curry. School Library Impact Studies (previous and latest research)

McKenzie, Jamie. Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians

NFIL Policy Statement on the Importance of Certified School Librarians (National Forum on Information Literacy, 2014).

One Common Goal: Student Learning (NJASL) Reports - two research studies conducted by Dr. Ross Todd

Perez, Lisa. Not Your Grandmother's Library!
Subramaniam, Mega. Librarians: A Vital Cyber Resource

Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School (video)

Rockstar Advocacy (TL Virtual Cafe archived webinar and downloadable slides)

School Librarians Are Teachers (Video)

School Libraries and Student Achievement (LRS infographic of student achievement data 2013)

School Libraries Make a Difference to Student Achievement (IASL)
"This page contains links to research reports and other documents that show that school libraries make a difference to student achievement; that school libraries have a positive impact on students and on learning."

School Libraries Work! (Scholastic)

School Library Advocacy (website of curated resources)

School Library Advocacy Playlist (compiled by Joyce Valenza)

SCHOOL LIBRARY IMPACT STUDIES: A Review of Findings and Guide to Sources (August 2013)

School Library Marketing 101: It's About Students Not Stuff
School Library Research Summarized: A Graduate Class Project (Mansfield University)

South Carolina Impact Study Shows Link Between School Librarians and Higher Test Scores

Survive and Thrive! An Advocacy Toolkit for School Librarians (Colorado Association of School Librarians)
"On this site, you will find message templates (sample e-mails, letters, newsletter blurbs, brochures, and even videos) containing these taglines and targeting specific stakeholder audiences in order to promote school librarians as 21st century skills experts."

Teacher Librarians and Classroom Teachers: Collaborative Partners (short video)

Teachers Connecting with Teacher Librarians

VAASL (VA) Advocacy page Links to resources including a set of videos

Valenza, Joyce. Share with School Leaders: Douglas Reeves video (Never Ending Search blog)

The Value of the Library Media Specialist KQ article describing the many ways that school librarians support student learning.

We Are Teacher-Librarians! (Texas)